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What Is Backlink And It’s Types

Hello guys, welcome to my blog here today, people will talk about how we can make backlinks to our website and how we can link the website

 First of all, know what is backlink. You my friends, let me tell you that there is nothing in the battery. The battery means that you are withdrawing the penis from someone, as if you have a site and your friend’s site, then you are from your friend’s side.  You are referring traffic to your side organically, you are taking traffic on its side, it is said that now there are two types of backlinks, there is a follow back, there is a no follow back link.

 Types of backlink

 1. Dofollow backlink

 Dofollow baiting means that we put a link to someone’s side on our website and whenever a user comes to our site and clicks on that site and it gets redirected, on our other friend’s website it is called dofollow backlinks.  

Dofollow backlinks main benefit is how it enhances your website so that your website and your friend’s website helps a lot to color in the first page of Google to get up in today’s first page of Google  It is very easy to do, through these batting, if you have a good backlink, your website is active with the best quality, tWhat IS BAcklinkAhen it will support you.

Dofollow backlinks also mean that if we link to someone to increase our traffic, then this is what site linking site linking or internal linking is.  Internal linking is bowling when we link one post of our website with another post, then it is called internal linking.

 In today’s time, there are many more such places where you can buy backlinks by giving some money as if there are many websites, such that it should be, it is a lot of important websites from where you can use these tools to back up your website.  

You can buy the link by paying some money and if you buy the backlink by answering the money, then your website’s battery will also increase due to which the DAP A of your website will also increase, due to this you will get a lot of benefits because when your website traffic is more  If you do, Google will give you more money

So this was some information about how you can raise your website through batting.

Some easy ways to create a backlink

There are also some easy ways to create backlinks such as you can create backlinks for yourself by visiting many free websites like Wikipedia site dot and many social media platforms that you can use for your website for free.  You can make the best quality backlinks

You do not need to pay a single rupee for this, you can create a website for yourself completely for free, without hiring a freelancer and without any money.  Have spent and all this quality is the best backlink, so you have to get 100% profit.

There are so many backlinks from where so many backlinks have been made to your website or how much backlink is there, that no follow back will be able to tell all things like Ahrefs Tool and  semrusj tool from

No follow back link

 No follow backlink This is a backlink as is known by the name. No follow means that this battling will not follow your website at all if you take someone’s back backlink and if it is a 9 follow back gender then that  You are not going to get any follow or traffic at all from the website because there is no use for that 19 follow back link and no follow back. On the contrary, your side gets spoiled in such a way that you can follow it as much as you can.  Stay away from gender and do not keep searching for two follow backlinks, so that your earnings will continue to grow.

This is what happenss it is very bad for your website because it does not get you any traffic, then it is bad and if you make a backlink by paying someone unnecessarily  So consider all your money wasted because no one is going to benefit your website, then I believe you should use free social media platform like instagram dot com medium dot com site dot use all these things. 

You take the fruit from it, take the fruit, what is the information about the fruit and how many types are there, and what is the benefit and what is the disadvantage, if you have liked the article today, then the below  Please tell in the comment box, and if you have any problem, some things are not understood, whether the bank will take or the follow back, what is the no follow back link, then in the comment box below, we will solve your problem

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