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What Is Auto Blogging?

Auto blogging is a type of blogging  in which a website pulls the content from another website using the RSS feed. Mainly the term auto blogging is said to spam blogs. Instead of this, there also are several smart and profitable uses of this website.

So let’s know without delay how we can do autoblogging

 If we want people to do autoblogging then we must have at least one WordPress account or any other blogging site.

 Let’s say that if we have a WordPress website and we have to do autoblogging in WordPress

So these are some of the given points from which we can understand how we can do auto blogging in WordPress.

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard first

 2. After that you can see that there will be a plugin option in your WordPress, click on it and go inside

 3. After that you will get the option of Upload plugin on the top

 4. After that you have to upload your WordPress automation plugin in the option of that upload plugin


If you do not know what is a WordPress automation plugin

So if you do not know what a WordPress automation plugin is, then I would like to explain to you just a little bit that a WordPress automation plugin is a plugin from where we can bring information from another side to our side.

 5. So once you upload, an option will come in front of you. Activate or plugin, then you have to activate your novel simply.

 6. As soon as you activate the plugin, you will find a WordPress automation button on the bottom of your WordPress dashboard, where you will get an option to get information from the other side.

  7. So as soon as your WordPress plugin is now activated, you will find a WordPress automation button at the bottom, where you have to activate it and create a new campaign.

 8. Inside you will get the option to create a new campaign, by going there, you just have to paste the CD of your website and any other website that you want to bring the information to your website.

 9. Now as soon as you paste the youth team of another website in your website and publish it, then after that, all the information of that website in your website will be on your website.  Posts will start posts come

10. After publishing the campaign, now all you have to do is sit down and keep an eye on which blog is coming and just manage the posts on your website.


So there were some points through which we could know what autoblogging is and how it is done and how we can use it in WordPress. There are still many other platforms where we can do autoblogging like Blogger WordPress Vets  Websites and a lot of other websites where we can do autoblogging, the main advantage of doing autoblogging is that we get the best information in our website in the shortest possible time.

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