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Top 5 Android Development Platform

Hello Guys Today we are going to talk about our Top 5 Android development Platforms

Corona SDK for Android

Corona SDK for Android
Launched in 2009, the Corona SDK is a leading free-to-use Android framework with simple syntax. It is considered to be the world’s most advanced 2D development platform for Android and iOS.

The Corona SDK is very popular in Android game development. However, developers also use it extensively as a framework for the general purpose of Android development.

A popular feature of the Corona SDK is that it enables 10x times the upgrade process than most other Android app frames. Using a single code base, the Corona SDK is able to build apps and games for mobile and desktop. The framework is available for both Windows and MAC OS.

Corona uses Lua with its backup application framework. Lua is a multi-programming language that is easy to learn, lightweight, and environmentally friendly.

In addition, it includes APIs with more than a thousand sharp objects, multiple plugins, and a powerful developer advertising platform. It also supports native UI and real-time testing.

Popular games like Angry Birds, Fun Run 2, Warcraft, and many more use the Corona SDK.

How to Develop an Android Play Program

Sencha Touch for Android

Sencha Touch for AndroidSencha Touch is a framework that focuses on building traditional mobile applications. It is often described as one of the best Android development frameworks by the community itself.

Sencha Touch uses JavaScript and HTML5, allowing it to build powerful and complete applications. Android apps built using Sencha Touch bring high performance as the framework incorporates Hardware acceleration techniques.

With over 50 UI elements and traditional themes, this framework helps to develop attractive and attractive Android apps.

It also adds distinctive features such as rich animation and smooth scrolling to apps. Several large companies have praised Sencha Touch for its high level of compliance, responsive response features, and fast performance.


TheAppBuilder for Android
TheAppsBuilder is a unique HTML-based app-building framework that supports coded UI. Therefore, one does not need to learn coding in order to use this framework in the development of the Android app.

AppBuilder is well-suited, especially for building knowledgeable Android apps. The drag and drop feature of the frame gives you the ability to assemble an app quickly and easily.

Interestingly, TheAppBuilder comes with built-in blocks that include functionality such as feedback, content updates, voting, app notifications, and much more.

Perhaps the best feature of this Android framework is that it integrates well with Google Play’s social media display.

Answer the native

Reply to Native Android
Released in 2015, React Native is an open-source development framework. It is powered by Facebook social media and is one of the best frameworks for Android app development.

React Aborigines rely on React, the largest JS library, to build apps on Android and iOS. The cross-platform feature allows developers to write the code only once and then copy it elsewhere. This makes the Android app development process faster and more expensive.

React Native has built-in UI elements and APIs that give Android apps a natural look and functionality. In addition, it prides itself on hot reloading, which enables developers to update files without disturbing the current state of the app.

From time to time, developers appear to face difficulties such as the Iteration Period, Codebase differences, Imperative Systems, etc.

React Native is the first choice for many popular companies like Instagram, Airbnb, and Tesla to build native apps.


Xamarin for Android
Hosted by Microsoft, Xamarin is an open-source framework used to design Android applications with “.NET”. Older than most cross-cutting structures.

Xamarin has advanced tools where engineers can work with shared code written in C # or XAML. This coding feature reduces the coding time of developers and the number of bugs during the development process.

The framework uses Microsoft’s cloud monitoring service and thus enables easy application testing on many devices. Joining hands with Visual Studio IDE, Xamarin has attracted the popularity of Pinterest, Nokia, and the World Bank with mobile app development.

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