ISRO Launch Chandryaan-3 Next Year

Be informed of the latest newsIt was a sad day for the Indians around the world, on September 6, 2019, when the ship carrying their hopes – and precious moon-reading machines – stopped responding to the final stages of a successful mission. Video footage showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi comforting Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) […]

Some Unsolved Mysteries On Moon

The arrival of Apollo 11 on the moon, which was the first time in history that people had set foot in the outer world. But the Earth’s only natural satellite is still relatively unknown to us after half a century, and its history and geography are still confusing – especially since it has not returned […]

Top 5 Android Development Platform

Hello Guys Today we are going to talk about our Top 5 Android development Platforms Corona SDK for Android Corona SDK for AndroidLaunched in 2009, the Corona SDK is a leading free-to-use Android framework with simple syntax. It is considered to be the world’s most advanced 2D development platform for Android and iOS. The Corona […]

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