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Now Book Covid vaccine slot by using Thanksapp

The second wave of the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country. Under these circumstances, companies are giving their users a helping hand by giving them access to various resources to combat Covid-19. The latest company to expand this support is Airtel.

Airtel announced several resources to users in the country today. The company announced today that it has added two new sub-sections to the Airtel Thank You section. The first lower part is called “Covid SoS”. This section compiles established and updated connections to critical supplies such as pharmaceuticals, oxygen, plasma donors, ambulances, hospital beds, and testing centers. This feature is provided by the company’s cloud-based Airtel IQ application suite, which the teams in this section have meant according to the company.

The second lower part is called “Cowin”. It allows Airtel users to find a slot game at the vaccination center and book for themselves, friends and family. Airtel says it has integrated the government’s Cowin platform APIs into Airtel Thanks to get real-time data.

In addition, the company has used Covid-19 resources for its business users. The company announced today that companies of all sizes can set up a free Covid helpline for their employees with Airtel IQ. The company gives 5,000 minutes to each phone account so companies can keep in touch with their employees and organize their work.



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