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Ireland confirms its health system faced a second cyber attack

According to the country’s health ministry, it also faced a cyber attack on the country’s health care by colliding with a third-day disruption after hackers asked to shut down their information systems.

According to the Irish Department of Health, it also had to face a cyber attack on the country’s healthcare system after a third day of disruption when hackers asked to shut down their information systems

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday that it was also the target of a ransom attack on Thursday, similar to the director of health services in charge of the country’s national health system.

“The department has been working to respond to this case since Thursday and will continue to work closely with the authorities,” the spokesman said in a text message. The department is focused on protecting its data, he said.

The novelty of the new attack came when people faced canceled appointments and delays at some HSE services. Covid vaccines and virus testing continue, but results may be delayed, the service said. Contact tracking also works, although it may take longer than usual. Ireland has not been able to release data on new virus cases since Thursday.

“All outpatient services have cancellations, and radiological services are being canceled extensively,” the HSE said on its website on Sunday. Most of the virtual meetings will take place as planned, but some have been scrapped, while others can be held over the phone, it said.

The Irish Health Service shut down computer systems last week amid what it described in a tweet released on Friday as a “major” cyber attack. Hackers took advantage of a computer error not previously called the so-called. As a Conti redemption program, said HTE Chief Operating Officer Anne O’Connor of RTE Radio. The incident took place in a week when the largest gasoline pipeline in the United States was taken offline for five days after the cyber attack.



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