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How to make money with Google Web Stories in 2023?

Google Web Stories monetization is one of the most recent methods of income generation. In this article, learn about Web Story Ads and how to monetize Google Web Stories.

Introduction to Web Stories on Google

Web Stories are a collection of interactive, mobile-friendly, and tappable images or videos. They resemble social media stories. The goal of web stories is to quickly deliver concise information.

A brand is entirely responsible for the conception and execution of Web stories. Contrary to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, there are no restrictions.

In 2015, Google debuted Web Stories, formerly known as AMP stories. It didn’t pick up speed or keep going. Social media stories have recently revolutionised user behaviour. In October 2020, Google will relaunch AMP stories as Google Web Stories. In India, Brazil, and the US, they did so. Click here to read more about Google Web Stories.

Benefits of Web Stories on Google

In addition to full ownership of the stories, having them hosted on your website is a benefit! Unlike Instagram and Facebook, they are not constrained by a 24-hour time frame. You can reach a larger audience this way. With simple indexing, your SEO will also improve. You can use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your web stories, which is an additional benefit. Using the Live Story feature, you can also notify your users in real-time.

But many businesses and marketers are unaware of the fact that Google Web Stories also generate income. Explore further to learn more about Google Web Stories’ advantages.

How do Web Stories Ads work and where do they appear?

Every day, 500 million users watch Instagram stories. If you are one of them, you have probably seen sponsored advertisements. According to a Hootsuite study, 50% of users go to a website for a good or service they saw in an advertisement. Because of this, it’s critical for marketers to take advantage of Instagram Stories advertising.

Web Stories Ads are comprehensive, entertaining ad campaigns. It can be seen by the user as they browse a Web Story. Based on how many pages of the story were read and how long visitors stayed on the site, these ads are displayed. Therefore, the number of ad impressions will be higher the longer the Web Story. The fact that you receive 100% of the revenue generated by Web Stories Ads is by far its greatest benefit.

Types of Story Ads

Different Story Ads – A brand can currently publish various types of story advertisements on web stories.

  1. Display ads – are advertisements that direct people to the advertiser’s website. They could be expressed as pictures, movies, text, or audio.
  2. Affiliate links – are advertisements with a call to action, such as “swipe up.” Utilizing the Web Story’s page attachment feature, you can add this. Another method is to include specific links that point users to the affiliate sites. It’s best to avoid including affiliate links in every article and instead, keep them to a minimum.
  3. Brand – Agreements Make a unique tale that reads like an advertisement. Highlight your product or service to do this.

How to monetize Google Web Stories?

Any of the ad story categories mentioned above can be used to generate income using Google Web Stories. An open-source HTML ad story uses the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework. It aims to facilitate quicker mobile loading in order to improve user experience. There are numerous auxiliary ad networks. Some of the tools used to create Web Story Ads include Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

Utilizing third-party tools like MakeStories is advised by Google. In addition to writing and publishing, it aids in Google Web Stories’ monetization.

You can do so in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your MakeStories account
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. Advertising Set Up – which gives you the option of monetization. It can be through Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, or creating a Custom ad.

How to create a Web Story Ad

Prior to learning how to create a Web Story Ad, there are a few considerations you should make. Web Story Ads are designed for a mobile-optimized, full-page experience and utilise AMP technology.

  • AMP technology is used in Web Story Ads. This facilitates a full-page, mobile-optimized experience.
  • meet the requirements for the vertical story format. Concentrate on interesting and original content. Make your advertising design unique!
  • Make sure the AMPHTML specifications are correctly stated.
  • Make sure your advertisement includes a call to action.

It’s very easy to create your first Web Story, especially if you’ve previously created stories for social media. The simple steps to create a Web Story Ad are listed below:

  1. Find the right tool for creating web stories
  2. Outline your story
  3. Add visual elements
  4. Create the story
  5. Publish the story

MakeStories is a suggested choice for experts and beginners alike. Its straightforward features make it simple to create web stories. Find out here how to write your very first web story on MakeStories.

How to track your Story Ad performance

Your choice of ad network will affect how well your ad story performs. It is comparable to Google Analytics’ tracking of Google Ads. You can check the visual ad report on Google AdSense to see how well your ad story is doing.

The following criteria can be used to gauge how well a Web Story Ad is performing:

  1. Estimated Earnings
  2. Page Views
  3. Page RPM
  4. Impressions
  5. Impressions RPM
  6. Clicks
  7. Total earnings


Web Stories Ads are a source of revenue that brands should definitely investigate. Ad stories show up while a user is browsing through Web Stories on Google, similar to Instagram ads. Several tools for ad networks are available, including Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager. They support tracking and monetizing your ad stories. Utilizing third-party tools like MakeStories is advised by Google. They offer you a venue for all things Web Stories-related.


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