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How to find the password of HP printer?- All Possible Ways

Printers from HP are a useful addition to any home or small business office. They can print in high quality and produce prints fairly quickly. These gadgets have intelligent functions like wireless printing. How to find the WiFi password on the HP Deskjet printer is a common question from those looking to use this feature.

Finding the WiFi password for this printer can be more difficult than it first appears, especially if you use a specific kind of device, like a Mac or Windows computer. Discover the most effective method for locating the pin and password in this article.

Locating the Pin or Password

Finding the correct pin or password required to configure the WiFi feature on the HP Deskjet printer requires following specific instructions for each type of device. Since each device is made with unique hardware and software, no two devices are exactly alike. Therefore, a user must follow the proper instructions for the proper product.

You must enter the WiFi pin or password when configuring the HP Deskjet printer. During the initial installation and setup of the printer, this password or pin is printed onto a piece of paper. You must enter this pin in order to access this feature.

Although this is true for every HP Deskjet printer setup scenario, it might not be as beneficial as it seems. Sometimes more dialogue boxes, windows, and buttons need to be opened before the WiFi printing function setup is actually finished. Continue reading to find out how to configure various device brands.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues or have recently undergone a factory reset, you will require this information. Additionally, you will require this to set up a connection for wireless printing.

Find the Pin First

The user must first locate the printer’s pin, which is crucial. The pin will be required within the first 90 seconds of WiFi setup on their home computer, when they go to set it up. The pin will stop working after the allotted 90 seconds have passed. This indicates that in order to obtain a new pin, the procedure must be repeated.

Although not ideal, this is conceivable. Once you have your pin, enter it into the computer by following these steps:

  1. Find the pin on the printed paper from the HP or on its control panel.
  2. Enter the pin provided in the window prompt and then select next.
  3. The setup process should continue to initialize. If it doesn’t, you may need to follow the steps for a device-specific installation.

Anyone who is not very tech savvy will benefit from the HP Deskjet printer’s simple setup. Despite working the majority of the time, it can occasionally stall and fail. If so, you might need to follow different instructions or start over and retry.

The Router has a Wireless Password

HP may request a wireless password in place of a pin. While some people are immediately aware of the solution, others are clueless. The HP Deskjet printer can be configured using this password, which can be located. To locate the router’s password, adhere to these steps:

  1. Look at the side or bottom of your router and find the label that the manufacturer prints onto it.
  2. Find the box on the label that is labeled Network Key, Wireless security key/password, or some other deviation of WiFi password.
  3. Note this key down. This is the key needed for set up in most instances.

You can now start installing the HP Deskjet printer on your computer or another Bluetooth-enabled device after discovering the wireless password. It is a fantastic method for completely wire-free printing throughout the house.

You might have trouble setting this up if your HP Deskjet is offline, but don’t worry—we can fix this!

Windows and the WiFi Password

Users of Windows OS have an alternative method for locating the WiFi password needed to connect the HP Deskjet printer. Although it is not as simple as looking at the router’s bottom, this alternative does function. To locate it, take these actions:

  1. Go to the Windows icon in the bottom left tray of the computer, or press the Windows button on your keyboard to pull it up.
  2. In the search bar, type in WiFi settings and click search.
  3. Find the section called related settings.
  4. Select Change adapter options.
  5. Find your wireless network and right-click it.
  6. Select status.
  7. Go to connection and select wireless properties.
  8. Select the Security tab.
  9. Find show characters and click it.
  10. Note down your wireless network password.

If you forget your network password, Windows makes it simple to find it. This is only true if the network is operational and connected to another device. You won’t be able to find the password on a device that is not online.

Mac and the WiFi Password

The method for storing and retrieving network passwords on Mac devices is different. This is due to the fact that they run an alternative operating system to Windows. If you’re unfamiliar with Macs and need to find the password, take the following actions:

  1. Go to Finder, which looks like a face.
  2. Select the Go menu.
  3. Find and select utilities.
  4. Select Keychain Access.
  5. Find System Keychains and select System.
  6. Find your WiFi name and double-click it.
  7. Click the box located next to the words to ‘show password.’
  8. Note down your password.

Once you know the password, follow the on-screen instructions to finish configuring the Deskjet printer. Once the Wi-Fi password has been entered, it should be fairly simple.

Troubleshooting WiFi Passwords

There are times when you are unable to obtain the correct WiFi password for the network, regardless of the method you use. This is annoying because it prevents the printer from printing wirelessly. That the password you think is right doesn’t actually work is a common issue. For some troubleshooting advice to stop this, continue reading:

Reset The Password

The password you thought would work is sometimes a bust because the network gets a little confused. It is time to reset the password if this is the case. You can do this by logging in with your administrator credentials to the router’s settings. After entering these details, go to the password and choose to change it. Then try connecting once more.

Tried and True

The “dummy” password that HP frequently uses for its printers and other products. Any printer or other device that requires a password to connect is preconfigured with this universal password. The HP website lists this password as 12345678. See if the connection works if you try entering this password.

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