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How To Create A Site On Word press

 Hello friends, today we will discuss how we can create a good site on WordPress without any technical knowledge, so I have already said that now you need a lot of things to create a set.  Good editing should come and nothing else, otherwise this is exactly the way of locker, where you have to put a post and send your post to Google and after that you take your post with Adsense fruit.  You can type and earn a lot of money from it

 As we know, Blogger is a single platform where we do not need to pay any money and our website is prepared for free, but if you want to make amixide in a bird purse, then we have to buy a lot of things like  Hosting and

There is a need to get a domain which costs some of our money as well. The cost of such hosting is around 1500 at today’s time and where the price of domain is at today’s time is around ₹ 600, so we have to build Barkat Nagar side in the beginning, then we have to invest some money in the beginning so that we can start our website.

 So if you want to know what is important, read Purse Blogger, then according to me, if you want to build a website without making an investment, then block all the best and if you want to build a website with that good visualization, good features can prove to be very good.  We do not get anything, we have to do a little bit of work and a little work is done in WordPress, there are a lot of things that we get for free.

 So that is why if you have a little money to invest, then you are mine, then you have created a site in WordPress, so that you will have a good side so that you can earn a lot of money too.

 How to create a website from computer or laptop in wordpress

 If someone needs to make WordPress, then he needs to first give acoustic and endowment when he takes it, then what to do after that I tell you

 You can create a WordPress site through the points below to create a site:

 1. First of all, you have to go to a hosting provider from where you will buy hosting. Suppose Godaddy posting you have to take a posting from which you will host your website. Along with posting, you also have to take a domain.

 2. After that take the answer posting, then you have to take the domain how will you take the domain, you just have to write the name of the website and you have to put anything in front of it, you can take any extension, then for this you just write the name of your website  And also buy domains

 3. After purchasing Domain and after purchasing hosting, you have to login to the hosting portal where you will get SQL data and spyware software installed where you have to install WordPress by filling in some of your details.

 4. After filling the details, now you will have nothing to do when you install WordPress, you have to write the admin on the wi-fi next to the domain name.

 By writing this, you will be redirected to your WordPress dance board.

 5. Now after the year Kali Direct, you do not have to do anything, you will get simple little button support where you have to post and you will get the option of the theme below, where you can change the sim if you want to change your theme.

 6. And just then you will see all the things where you will see all the things on the side later.

So these are some of the points through which we can make the side of our WordPress quite easy, if any of my friends did not understand how to do, then you have given below  You can give your problem on the comment box, you will try to see your problem.

How to create a WordPress site on mobile

Many of my brothers will have laptops that do not have computers, so they have a big problem with how to make the site of WordPress in their smartphones, so today people will talk about how we are very much on our smartphone side of WordPress.  

There are some points by which anyone can make a site in wordpress by mobile:-

1. To make WordPress side in your mobile, first of all you will have to buy hosting and Roman by going to any free source.

 2. After posting and buying the domain, you have to install WordPress and connect your domain by going to the posting panel.

 3. As soon as you connect your domain then you have to write admin on wi-fi next to your domain and your WordPress dashboard will open

 4. All this I have just told for mobile, you should go to your Chrome browser and click on the link given above and select the Desktop mode there.

 5. After doing this, you will reach your WordPress dashboard and you can do your work there.

So there were some points through which we can find out how we can make WordPress site from our mobile phone with our smartphone with the help of Chrome browser in a very easy way  Without any problem, now there is no need to take any tension that you do not have a mobile laptop, do not have a computer. 

If you have a smartphone and a Chrome browser is installed, then you can easily go to the desktop version and do all your work with a laptop.  Because what does Desktop Bol make your mobile into a mini computer

 Let’s talk about how to connect Bird mutual access and how we can earn money after connecting Adsense on a large scale, so stay with us for this, we are building a block for this and will come before you.

 So stay with our block and in this way we will keep bringing many things for you, how can we make money sitting in the house comfortably and no one goes out without

 I will tell you more in the following people how to make a laptop

If any one have any problem please contact through inbox 




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