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How Tesla Auto Pilot Works

In a year when Tesla may have been pardoned for extending the timeline for an important act, Elon Musk goes further with the vision of what he calls the “Full Dedication.”

This week, a group of drivers was selected to receive an automatic update to their vehicles, enabling the cars to move smoothly and quickly without human hands and feet.

According to Tesla, hundreds of thousands of its vehicles will be able to drive faster this year, perhaps making them the first major fleet of self-propelled cars owned by regular consumers.

Tesla is moving forward despite doubts among some security lawyers about whether Tesla’s technology is good – and whether the world is ready for self-driving cars. An industrial federation that includes General Motors ’Cruise, Ford, Uber and Waymo, among others, this week criticized Tesla’s action, saying its vehicles were not truly independent because they still needed a working driver.

What self-driving cars can see can be a matter of life and death

Self-driving is less regulated in the United States, and Tesla does not need permission to introduce a new feature.

The point of contention among Tesla’s critics is that the company is moving forward without a key part of the hardware. Almost all self-driving car manufacturers adopt the lidar sensors, which are mounted outside the vehicle and can detect the exact size, shape and depth of objects in real time, or in adverse weather conditions.

Instead, Tesla is trying to achieve full self-driving with a suite of cameras and a kind of radar that is constantly connected to an advanced neural network. Tesla’s technology can detect cars and pedestrians on the road and other objects such as trees, but it cannot always detect the true shape or depth of obstacles it encounters, according to some safety experts. That may not allow the car to separate between the box truck and the stand as it approaches the rear rig.

Elon Musk wanna launch Tesla in India

If all goes according to plan, Bhat’s wait will end soon. US-based Tesla plans to begin its tour of India this year, as CEO Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet from another Tesla fan club. So far, the only concrete step he has taken was in January when he registered his company under Karnataka province.

But there are indications that the company is doing more; False reports suggest that Tesla plans to establish R&D centers in various regions. Tesla himself has not yet publicly confirmed his plans in India and has not responded to Quartz’s request for comment.

But if it can overcome those challenges, Tesla could continue to expand its dominance by opening up to millions of new customers — and, experts say, accelerating the growth of India’s EV sector.



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