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How Can We Create Profile Page On Facebook

Hello friends today, we will know how we can earn a good amount of money through Facebook, how we can earn a lot of money on today’s time, it has become very easy to find new things everywhere. 

You get things from where you can easily earn money, like Ads has become Facebook, so just a few days ago there has been some new update of Facebook that you can earn money through Facebook page, then money in Facebook page  Earning is so easy and how can we earn and what has to be done and what does not have to be done, we are going to see all this later.

 It is very easy to make on Facebook and it gives more money than our action because there are videos and just on time, we get money on the basis, like YouTube people give us Google Adsense in YouTube and on Facebook page we get  Add facebook get paid

 How to create facebook page

If a friend of mine does not know how to create a Facebook page, let us know how to create a Facebook page. Before coming here on Facebook, let me tell you that there are two types of Facebook pages.

The first is a classic page and the second is a profile page, both of which you can earn a lot of money through, so you know how to make a profile page and how to make a love page.

 How to create facebook page

 If any of my brothers does not know how to create Facebook, he can create his Facebook page through the points given below.

1. To create the page, first you have to login to your Facebook account.

2. After logging into your Facebook account, you will see three times on the side, where you         will see a one-page option.

3. On seeing the option of the page, you have to click in it and name your page that you want to name your page, you can name it.

 4. When you clear the name of the answer page, then you will be asked its category, what type of stomach is that, what is the news channel of entertainment, then you should fill your category according to your needs.

 5. After filling the category, you will be asked some basic information such as page name, page website, if page email, all other things.

 6. After filling all this, you will be asked if you want to put your profile picture, then you have to put tea on your page’s profile.

 7. After inserting the profile picture, then this cover photo option will come, which to make your page look better, you have to give one to the page cover photo too.

 8. After giving the photo, you will go on putting it on your Facebook page, then you have to post according to you and where the traffic is in that post, you can earn money.

 So it was at some point through the day that we could see how we can make a nice little bit of money on Facebook.

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