How Insurance Company Works

The terminology are going to be,  i will be using and what I’m most conversant in will be Australian terminology. this might differ from where you reside, but frankly tons of terms are interchangeable (e.g Excess in Australia, is your deductible within the us .) So let’s start with part one. The major players you’ll […]

How Tesla Auto Pilot Works

In a year when Tesla may have been pardoned for extending the timeline for an important act, Elon Musk goes further with the vision of what he calls the “Full Dedication.” This week, a group of drivers was selected to receive an automatic update to their vehicles, enabling the cars to move smoothly and quickly […]

Now Book Covid vaccine slot by using Thanksapp

The second wave of the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the country. Under these circumstances, companies are giving their users a helping hand by giving them access to various resources to combat Covid-19. The latest company to expand this support is Airtel. Airtel announced several resources to users in the country today. The company announced […]

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