Top 5 Android Development Platform

Hello Guys Today we are going to talk about our Top 5 Android development Platforms Corona SDK for Android Corona SDK for AndroidLaunched in 2009, the Corona SDK is a leading free-to-use Android framework with simple syntax. It is considered to be the world’s most advanced 2D development platform for Android and iOS. The Corona […]

What Is Auto Blogging?

Auto blogging is a type of blogging  in which a website pulls the content from another website using the RSS feed. Mainly the term auto blogging is said to spam blogs. Instead of this, there also are several smart and profitable uses of this website. So let’s know without delay how we can do autoblogging […]

How Tesla Auto Pilot Works

In a year when Tesla may have been pardoned for extending the timeline for an important act, Elon Musk goes further with the vision of what he calls the “Full Dedication.” This week, a group of drivers was selected to receive an automatic update to their vehicles, enabling the cars to move smoothly and quickly […]

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