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Dart Program To Convert Temperature From Fahrenheit To Celsius.


Problem Statement

You are given a variable, Fahrenheit, which stores a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. You have to create a variable, celsius, which converts the temperature stored in Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

To convert temperature from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius, you first need to subtract 32 from the temperature, then multiply it by 5, followed by a division by 9.


The input is the variable Fahrenheit.
Fahrenheit has already been declared for you.


The output will be the value assigned to celsius.


Sample Input


Sample Output



void main() {
	var fahrenheit, celsius;
  fahrenheit = 50.0;
  celsius = (fahrenheit - 32) * 5/9;



Dart Program To Check Numbers Using Multiple Operators.


Problem Statement

You are given a variable, check, which stores an integer value. You have to create a variable compareCheck which checks if the value stored in the check is less than 75 and greater than or equal to 8. The result should be true if it is between 8 and 75, and false if it isn’t.


The input is the variable check.
The check has already been declared for you.


The output will be the value assigned to compareCheck.


Sample Input


Sample Output



void main() {
  var check, compareCheck;
	check = 3;
  compareCheck = check;
  if(compareCheck < 75 && compareCheck >= 8)



Dart Programming Embed A Variable In A String.


Problem Statement

You are given two variables, name and age, which store a person’s name and age respectively. You have to embed the name and age in a larger string and print the final string.


The input is the variable’s name and age.
Name and Age have already been declared for you.


The output will be the final string in which you will embed your name and age.


Sample Input

“Ben”, 18

Sample Output

“Ben is 18 years old.”


void main() {
	var name, age;
  name = "Ben";
  age = 18;
  String output = "$name is $age years old";


Ben is 18 years old

Dart Program To Get The Name Of The Day


Day Name Based On Day Number

Dart program to get the name of the day by entering the number of the day using Switch Case
For Example:-

Day = 1Output = Sunday
Day = 2Output = Monday
Day = 3Output = Tuesday
Day = 4Output = Wednesday
Day = 5Output = Thursday
Day = 6Output = Friday
Day = 7Output = Saturday

To run dart program open www.dartpad.dev


void main() {
  int day = 2; //Enter day number
  switch (day){
    case 1: { //Case For Day 1
      print("Sunday"); //Statement
    case 2: { //Case For Day 2
      print ("Monday"); //Statement
    case 3: { //Case For Day 3
      print ("Tuesday"); //Statement
    case 4: { //Case For Day 4
      print ("Wednesday"); //Statement
    case 5: { //Case For Day 5
      print ("Thursday"); //Statement
    case 6: { //Case For Day 6
      print ("Friday"); //Statement
    case 7: { //Case For Day 7
      print ("Saturday"); //Statement
    default: {  //Default Case
      print ("Invalid Day Number"); //Statement



Dart Program To Count The Number Of Days Using Switch Case.


Switch Case In Dart

In this program, we will see how we can use a switch case statement to display the number of days in an entered month. We will be using String “month” to accept the month name, which can be in any case (i.e. upper case, lower case, or mixed case). Next, we will define another String “mon” the use of this string will be to convert the String “month” to lower case. Now, will start with a switch statement with the expression “mon” and we will write the cases to execute the statement when the condition is satisfied.
For Example:-

Input = JanuaryOutput = January has 31 days
Input = FebruaryOutput = February has 28 days Or 29 Days For Leap Year
Input = MarchOutput = March has 31 days
Input = AprilOutput = April has 30 days
Input = MayOutput = May has 31 days
Input = JuneOutput = June has 30 days
Input = JulyOutput = July has 31 days
Input = AugustOutput = August has 31 days
Input = SeptemberOutput = September has 30 days
Input = OctoberOutput = October has 31 days
Input = NovemberOutput = November has 30 days
Input = DecemberOutput = December has 31 days

To run dart program open www.dartpad.dev


void main(){
  String month = "January"; //Enter the month name in any case (upper, lower or mixed)
  String mon = month.toLowerCase(); //The String month will be converted to lower case
  switch (mon) {
    case "january": //Case for month with 31 Days
    case "march":
    case "may":
    case "july":
    case "august":
    case "october":  
    case "december": {
      print("$month has 31 Days"); //Statement
    case "april": //Case for month with 30 Days
    case "june":
    case "september":
    case "november": {
      print ("$month has 30 Days"); //Statement
    case "february": { //Case for February
      print ("$month has 28 days Or 29 days for leap year"); //Statement
    default: { //Default Case
      print ("Invalid Month Name"); //Statement


January has 31 days

Data Analytics Question and Answers


Q. Which of the following is based on identifying hidden patterns of data, a valuable resource, to explore information that is necessary for effective decision making in the organisation?
A. Information

Q. Which one of the following options exemplifies the understanding of essential values, personified within the knowledge, that act as a foundation for the knowledge in its current form?
A. Wisdom

Q. _____is the general-purpose computing model and runtime system for distributed data analytics.
A. Mapreduce

Q. “Efficiency and scalability of datra mining algorithms” issues comes under_____.
A. Performance Issues

Q. Facebook Tackles Big Data with_____based on Hadoop.
A. Project Prism

Q. Apache Kafta is an open-source platform that was created by:
A. Linkedin

Q. The analysis performed to uncover interesting statistical correlations between associate dattribute-value pairs is called____
A. Mining of correlations

Q. What does the big data analysis not do
A. Analyze data

Q. Data administration and database management help an organisation in effectively managing its
A. Data Resource

Q. ______may be defined as the data objects that do not comply with the general behavior or model of the data available.
A. Outlier Analysis

Q. Structured Query Language (SQL) is the heart of

Q. What are the main components of Big Data?
A. All of the above

Q. _________refers to a key that helps us uniquely identify a record in a table and also used to avoid duplicate data.
A. Primary key

Q. Which of the following does not accurately describe Hadoop?
A. Real Time

Q. _______has the world’s largest Hadoop cluster.
A. Facebook

Q. Navigational database involves queries that find objects primarily by following references from other objects.

Q. In a table, the intersection of a row and column is known as key.

Q. The internal data source provides structured or organised data that originates from within the enterprise and helps run the business.

Q. Unlike quantitative data, qualitative data cannot be measured.

Q. Predictive analysis is better studied by dashboards and reports.

Q. ______is a structured representation of data.
A. Data Frame

Q. Which of the following is NOT a part of Data Science process?
A. Communication Building

Q. Which of the following is true about hypothesis testing?
A. Answering yes/no questions about the data

Q. The branch of statistics which deals with development of particular statistical methods is classified as_______
A. Applied Statistics

Q. Which of the following is NOT a application for Data Science?
A. Privacy checker

Q. Which of the following are considered as competent skills for a Data Scientist?
A. All of the above

Q. The goal of business intelligence is to allow easy interpretation of large volumes of data to identify new opportunities.

Q. Which of the following is the correct advantage of Update-Driven Approach in Data Warehousing?
A. Both A and B

Q. ___________is a system where operations like data extraction, transformation and loading operations are executed.
A. Data Staging

Q. Business lintelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs which includes______
A. All of the above

Q. KPI stands for?
A. Key Performance Indicators

Q. In which order should you write your qualifications in your CV
A. Reverse chronological order

Q. Communication is a non-stop________.
A. process

Q. What is a benifit of practicing good personal hygiene?
A. All of the above

Q. Once you have handled a complaint, you must_______
A. analyze the situation to ensure that no other customer will need to complain about the same thing again

Q. In order to add a signature on an email which of the following options do you use
A. settings

Q. Email Content Should ideally be presented as
A. Bullet points

Q. Which of the following is an important step in project planning?
A. Allocating resources for activities

Q39 Email is reflection of_____
A. professionalism, values, attention to detail

Q. A good team member, what should NOT do?
A. Talk rudely to your team

Q.Which of the following is an incorrect Big Data technology?
A. Apache pytarch

Q. Which option is inferred from the data and the information?
A. Knowledge

Q. End User’s Database refers to the_________developed by end user at their workstations.
A. Data Files

Q. The mapping or classification of a class with some predefined group or class is known as_____
A. Data Descrimination

Q. What percentage of the world’s total data has been created just within the past two years?
A. 90%

Q. How many categories of functions are involved in Data Mining?
A. 2

Q. Which of the following is NOT a part of Data Science process?
A. Communication Building

Q. A column is a____representation of data.
A. Vertical

Q.Which of the following is true about regression analysis?
A Modeling Relationship within the data

Q. Unstructured data is not organized.

Q. What is the use of data cleaning?
A. To remove noisy data

Q. Business lintelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs which includes_____
A. All of the above

Q. Data Mining System Classification consists of?
A. All of the above

Q. What does SWOT analysis stand for?
A. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat

Q. Which of these is not a step in the listening process?
A. Misinterpreting

Q. What does the “M” in SMART stand for?
A. Measurable – agoal must have some kind of number attached so you have a way know if you are reaching the goal.

Q. The information which is transferred to the receiver has to be Interpreted. This process is called_____
A. Decoding

Q. The degree to which a product or service meets a customer’s expectations is called_____
A. Customer Satisfaction

Q. Email is reflection of
A. Professionalism, Values, Attention to details

Q. Which of the following people should you NOT ask to be a reference?
A. Your Neigbor

Q. Which of the following is an important step in project planning?
A. Allocating resources for activities

Q. Which of these must be avoided for effective communication?
A. Ambiguity

Q. Which one of the following is a set of data that might or might not have any logical or repeating pattern?
A. Unstructured Data

Q. Which one of the following options signifies the data that has a defined repeating pattern?
A. Structured data

Q. The examination of large amounts of data to see what patterns or other useful information can be found is known as ___
A. Big Data Analytics

Q. The internal data source provides structured or organized data that originates from within the enterprise and helps the business.
A. True

Q. Data can be categorized into _____ groups.
A. 2

Q. The branch of statistics which deals with development of particular statistical methods is classified as?
A. Applied statistics

Q. BI is a broad category of application programs which indicates____
A. All of the above

Q. _____ is a category of applications and technologies for presenting and analyzing corporate and external data.

Q. Which of the following is affected by BI?

Q. Which of the following does not form part of BI Stack in SQL server?

Q. Which of these is not an element of the speaking technique?
A. Appearance

Q. What is the importance of time management?
A. Will help you complete your tasks in a specified period

Q. Is personal hygiene important to keep up your appearance and self – esteem ?
A. Yes

Q. Communication is a part of ___ skills.
A. Soft

Q. The first step in managing your time is ____
A. Making Plan

Q. The language of an official report should be
A. Formal

Q. Which of the following is one of the Data science skills?
A. All of the above

Q. Which of the following are the correct components of data science?
A. All of the above

Q. Which of the following are the Data Sources in Data Science?
A. Both A and B

Q. When working with file cabinets, open _____ drawers at a time
A. 1

Q. Which of these must be avoided in any presentation?
A. Complex word

Q. Important points/ words in an email can be_____
A. Highlighted in bold/ underline

Q. Avoid wearing_____ to work place.
A. large-sized earings

Q. What should a successful leader do?
A. Trust others

Q. It is important to read the email completely before responding?
A. Always

Q. During the interview, the interviewer is assessing
A. your ability to fit in to thier organization

Q. _____ refers to data that is related with quantities of real-world objects?
A. Qualitive Data

Q. Your friend from college joins your company in a superior role to you. How should you interact with her in the office?
A. Treat her like a superior in the office and as a friend outside

Q. My job doesn’t involve physical tasks, so I don’t have any risks of getting hurt. Is this statement correct?
A. No

Q. Which of these should be avoided in an E-mail?
A. Wrong E-mail address

Q. It is a good idea to research companies in order to
A. All of the above

Q. Most effective way of closing an email is
A. With a clear actionable

Q. Setting priorities is about determining
A. what is most important to you

Q. Communication is a non-stop _____.
A. Process

Q. Proofreading emails before hitting send is
A. A best practice

Q. SMS language ( dey. u, tmrw) in the email should be
A. Should not be used

Q. Which of the following is not part of business casual outfit for men?
A. Open shoes

Q. Finding time to exercise everyday will
A. All of these

Q. Identify the barrier to effective listining skills?
A. Interrupting the speaker

Q. Which of the following statement is true
A. A job can be short term, however a career is long term.

Q. Sometimes very small changes can prevent serious incidents.
A. Yes

Q. Which of the following must be avoided in group discussion?
A. Speaking fast

Q. Avoid_____while giving a presentation
A. Chewing gum

Q. Which out of the following is not an effective guideline for writing emails?
A. Using Uppercase letter

Q. How should the subject line of an email be?
A. Short and precise

Q. It is a good idea to research companies in order to
A. All of the above

Q. In an email the font used should be
A. Black in colour, easy to read, capital alphabets only where required

Q. Text Analytics is also reffered to as Text Mining.
A. True

Q. In a group discussion, we should be_____
A. Assertive

Q. Which of the following in NOT a step in the decision making process?
A. Seeking help every time

Q. Choose the interpersonal skill required to be a good team member.
A. Conflict resolution

Q. ________ is a structured representation of data.
A. Data Frame

Q. Unstructured data in not organised
A. True

Q. Which of the following is one of the Data science skills?
A. All of the above

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Tesla is casting a spotlight on the government’s struggle to keep up with self-driving cars


Tesla’s Autopilot software, a high level driver help highlight, is in the news once more. What’s more, not positively.

Throughout the end of the week, a short video of an individual sitting in the secondary lounge of a driverless Tesla working on open streets in California grabbed the web’s eye. The six-second video shows a man gazing out the window from the rear of the Tesla that is driving as it were. There’s no one steering the ship. California Highway Patrol said it was looking for the man behind the “strange episode.” The man was subsequently captured.

This most recent viral video may not be the first run through this specific individual has attempted the trick and is particularly disturbing since two individuals passed on in a Tesla crash in Texas a month ago. Following the accident, nearby specialists recommended that nobody was steering the ship, causing theory that the vehicle was being worked through its driver help include Autopilot, a case that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and different chiefs at the organization questioned. A primer report delivered Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said that, in a test, Autopilot’s Autosteer include was not accessible on that piece of the street. The NTSB is proceeding to explore the mishap, and the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is directing its own examination.

All things considered, the occasion features the perilous, continuous disarray over Tesla’s self-ruling driving capacities and how individuals are utilizing them. All new Tesla vehicles accompany every one of the sensors and cameras the organization says it needs to convey independent driving highlights, however the innovation isn’t exactly equivalent to more intricate arrangements you may find in self-driving vehicles from organizations like Waymo. Truth be told, Tesla drivers can purchase both the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving highlights as programming redesigns.

There even is by all accounts some disarray among Musk and Tesla over what oneself driving highlights can do. A recently distributed freely available reports report shows Tesla authorities saying that Elon Musk has been overpromising the self-governing capacities of Tesla vehicles. Musk said in January that he’s “very sure” that Tesla vehicles will arrive at full self-governance before the current year’s over. He’s offered comparative expressions in the course of recent years.

Progressing worries about Tesla feature how officials and controllers are battling to stay aware of self-driving innovation that is appearing in vehicles that aren’t exactly completely self-governing. While states make their own guidelines for the testing of self-driving vehicles, government principles for financially accessible vehicles are set by the NHTSA. The body can likewise exclude a specific number of vehicles from these norms to test self-driving vehicles.

Be that as it may, there’s as yet continuous discussion about how the public authority should move toward the inexorably self-ruling highlights springing up in our ordinary vehicles. Presently a few individuals from Congress are pushing the Transportation Department to accomplish more, and through new proposed enactment, administrators are widening the organization’s part to assess the wellbeing and viability of new highlights, similar to person on foot aversion and driver checking. A week ago, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) proposed new enactment that would compel the office to consider crash evasion tech, circling back to enactment once again introduced for the current year that would constrain organizations with cutting edge driver help tech to screen that drivers are really focusing.

In any case, as long as vehicle organizations, similar to Tesla, keep on pushing out new, perpetually self-ruling highlights — without clear administrative norms — individuals will be driving in a conceivably hazardous hazy situation.

Self-driving vehicle tech momentarily clarified

While completely self-governing vehicles that needn’t bother with a human driver in the driver’s seat are as yet being developed, a lot of semi-independent highlights are now accessible in the vehicles that are out and about. These instruments utilize various kinds of sensors to see what’s going on out and about, and afterward utilize modern figuring ability to settle on choices for the vehicle. The change to completely self-governing vehicles isn’t going on at the same time. It’s going on bit by bit as individual highlights that require the driver to do less and less get carried out. The NHTSA sorts self-sufficiency into six levels, where Level 0 has no self-sufficient highlights and Level 5 is completely self-sufficient and doesn’t need a driver.