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Top 5 best wireless neckband to buy under 2000

Music has become one of the first choices for people these days whether they are traveling, working, studying, walking, or playing. Earlier people used to use wired earphones and headphones while listening to music, but as technology changes, people are likely to have wireless headphones.

On 12th December 2022, In an article by, it has mentioned that the global market of wireless headphones is going to reach $156,501.9 million by the year 2031. This points to an increase in demand for wireless headphones.

Wireless earphones are of three types headphones, TWS, and neckbands. In this article, I will show you the best 5 wireless neckbands which you can buy to increase your music experience in your daily life. Let’s get started!

Here is the buying guide for the best wireless neckband

  • Sound Quality:
  • Microphone Quality: 
  • Battery Backup: 
  • Charging Time: 
  • Connectivity Type: 
  • Build Quality: 
  • Price:

Have no time


1. Boult Audio ProBass YCharge with Fast Charging, Pro+ Calling Mic, and 12H Playtime Wireless Neckband.

Boult Audio ProBass YCharge with Fast Charging, Pro+ Calling Mic, and 12H Playtime Bluetooth Wireless Neckband comes with great sound quality at a budget price of 799₹. The neckband gives 12 hours of music playback on a single charge.

The 10mm drivers increase its sound quality while delivering a high-quality music experience. It has a Pro+ calling technology which decreases background noise while making calls. This neckband weighs approx 100g which super feels more comfortable around the neck while carrying.


  • Good sound quality with 10mm drivers.
  • It has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.
  • Fast charging time. 20 Min = 100%.
  • Lowest price.


  • Battery issues after long usage.

2. Boult Audio ProBass Fcharge with 40 hrs Playtime, ENC, Fast Charging, Fast Pairing Bluetooth Wireless Neckband

The Boult Audio ProBass Fcharge is a Bluetooth wireless neckband providing awesome sound quality. The 14.2mm largest sound driver enhances the overall sound quality and music experience.

The ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) chip filtered the unwanted background noise and sends the filtered voice (Signal) to increase the calling experience outdoors. This neckband is also rated IPX5 water resistant and it can be used for the gym or workouts.


  • It has the largest driver 14.2mm.
  • It has IPX5 Water Resistant.
  • Bigger battery.
  • Fast charge 10 Min = 15 Hours playback.


  • Gets disconnected automatically.
  • Looks heavier.

3. boAt Rockerz 255 Arc with ENx Technology and upto 30 Hours Playback Bluetooth Wireless Neckband




How to Clean Mobile Camera Lens ? – Get 100% Clear Photo

Photos taken on a dirty phone camera will be fuzzy. To guarantee your photos are clear and sharp, follow these instructions for cleaning the phone’s camera lens.

All of us have been there. In order to acquire a clearer shot when you go to take a quick photo with your phone, you grab your shirt, blow on the lens, and rub the camera. There are better ways to clean your camera lens, and while the odd rub with a soft piece of clothing shouldn’t hurt, here’s how.

Four Ways to clean the camera lens on your mobile phone

1. Use a cleaning pen to remove dust

A simple brush with a cleaning pen or any comparable soft brush will generally suffice to clean a dirty phone camera lens. There are many different sizes and types of cleaning pens. While some have bigger, fluffier brush ends, others have more delicate brush ends. Put the dust to rest by using the proper size.

A clean, soft makeup brush will work just as well as a cleaning pen if you don’t want to spend the money.

2. Use a microfiber cloth to buff away smudges

You’ll need to gently rub your camera lens with a microfiber cloth if it’s blurry because it’s covered in fingerprints. A microfibre cloth can remove smudges without leaving lint behind, in contrast to tissues that can leave dust particles on your lens.

If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, any soft cloth that hasn’t been washed in fabric softener will work similarly if you don’t have one (fabric softener can leave streaks on your camera lens).

3. Use a lens wipe for more stubborn grime

You should attempt a lens wipe if you’ve been handling your camera lens after eating chicken wings or if it’s just too nasty to rub with a cloth. Lens wipes are made more effective against tenacious oil and filth by being wet with lens cleaning.

Regular wet wipes frequently contain softeners that will make your camera lens even greasier, so avoid using them on your lens.

4. Use a lens cleaner or a homemade version

Last but not least, if you don’t have a lens wipe, you can apply a homemade or specialised lens cleaning on the corner of a soft tissue or microfiber cloth. Most alcohol-based lens cleaners are diluted alcohol solutions.

You may produce your own lens cleaner at home by combining distilled water and 70% isopropyl alcohol in a 50:50 ratio. Avoid using tap water if you want a finish that won’t smear.

How to remove condensation from your phone’s camera lens

Not all smartphones, particularly those that are not flagship models, have an IP rating. When a camera lens is internally foggy, moisture has somehow managed to get past the camera housing and accumulated inside the lens.

You’ll need to dry out your phone, which will allow the moisture to leave, to get rid of this fog. Placing your phone in an airtight container with silica gel packets or uncooked rice is the simplest way to do this. Your phone will become dry after using these products for about 24 hours.

It’s better to turn off your phone while it’s enjoying a nice dry rice bath just in case the moisture has gotten deeper than you believe and could interfere with the internal circuits of your gadget.

Extreme temperatures can harm your phone more than they can help, even while it may be tempting to place it on the radiator or blow it with a hairdryer. You should take your phone to a repair shop if the camera lens is still cloudy after an overnight soak in rice or silica gel. We advise against disassembling your phone to clean the condensation off the inside of the camera lens unless you are confident in your abilities (and depending on your phone, this could even require disassembly of the camera module itself, in which case putting it back together becomes significantly more difficult).

How to protect your phones camera lens

It’s worth looking into lens covers and the proper screen protector for your phone to safeguard the front camera if you want to preserve the camera lens on your phone in perfect condition for as long as possible. Your camera lens will be shielded from scratches by lens covers that adhere to the glass of the lens. Their biggest appeal is that you can quickly replace them, even though they will ultimately get dirty as well.

A raised case will help to keep the glass of your camera lens away from rough surfaces if you don’t want to use a lens protector but still want to keep the lens on your phone from getting scratched.

How not to clean your phone’s camera lens

After discussing how to clean your camera lens and remove moisture from the glass, it’s time to discuss how not to clean the camera on your phone.

1. Don’t use domestic glass cleaner

Windex and other household glass cleaners are frequently too abrasive for the delicate coating on your phone’s camera lens. Avoid them and only use products made specifically for lenses.

2. Don’t use rough cloths

Clothes made of microfiber are soft for a reason. You are more likely to scratch your camera lens if you use a rougher cloth. This also applies to wearing filthy clothing. Grit that has been trapped in dirty clothing may later rub off onto your camera lens.

3. Don’t use tap water

Last but not least, even though purchasing distilled water is a hassle, doing so is necessary if you want a finish that is streak-free. Tap water is tainted with minerals and other contaminants, which can leave stains or residue on your screen or on your camera lens, giving the impression that it is still unclean.

If in doubt, let the professionals do it

You may have noticed that we haven’t talked about cleaning the inside of the camera lens on your phone, and there’s a good reason for that. We strongly advise taking your camera lens to a professional if it has to be cleaned on the inside. Opening the camera housing on your phone will render it waterproof and may unleash a veritable bucket of worms. If unsure, have someone with experience handle it. Unfortunately, condensation can accumulate even on IP-rated phones. Depending on the specifics of the issue, the best course of action may be to leave the device alone or send it in for service.Without understanding all of the relevant details, giving advice becomes more difficult, thus we suggest consulting an expert.


How to make money with Google Web Stories in 2023?


Google Web Stories monetization is one of the most recent methods of income generation. In this article, learn about Web Story Ads and how to monetize Google Web Stories.

Introduction to Web Stories on Google

Web Stories are a collection of interactive, mobile-friendly, and tappable images or videos. They resemble social media stories. The goal of web stories is to quickly deliver concise information.

A brand is entirely responsible for the conception and execution of Web stories. Contrary to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, there are no restrictions.

In 2015, Google debuted Web Stories, formerly known as AMP stories. It didn’t pick up speed or keep going. Social media stories have recently revolutionised user behaviour. In October 2020, Google will relaunch AMP stories as Google Web Stories. In India, Brazil, and the US, they did so. Click here to read more about Google Web Stories.

Benefits of Web Stories on Google

In addition to full ownership of the stories, having them hosted on your website is a benefit! Unlike Instagram and Facebook, they are not constrained by a 24-hour time frame. You can reach a larger audience this way. With simple indexing, your SEO will also improve. You can use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your web stories, which is an additional benefit. Using the Live Story feature, you can also notify your users in real-time.

But many businesses and marketers are unaware of the fact that Google Web Stories also generate income. Explore further to learn more about Google Web Stories’ advantages.

How do Web Stories Ads work and where do they appear?

Every day, 500 million users watch Instagram stories. If you are one of them, you have probably seen sponsored advertisements. According to a Hootsuite study, 50% of users go to a website for a good or service they saw in an advertisement. Because of this, it’s critical for marketers to take advantage of Instagram Stories advertising.

Web Stories Ads are comprehensive, entertaining ad campaigns. It can be seen by the user as they browse a Web Story. Based on how many pages of the story were read and how long visitors stayed on the site, these ads are displayed. Therefore, the number of ad impressions will be higher the longer the Web Story. The fact that you receive 100% of the revenue generated by Web Stories Ads is by far its greatest benefit.

Types of Story Ads

Different Story Ads – A brand can currently publish various types of story advertisements on web stories.

  1. Display ads – are advertisements that direct people to the advertiser’s website. They could be expressed as pictures, movies, text, or audio.
  2. Affiliate links – are advertisements with a call to action, such as “swipe up.” Utilizing the Web Story’s page attachment feature, you can add this. Another method is to include specific links that point users to the affiliate sites. It’s best to avoid including affiliate links in every article and instead, keep them to a minimum.
  3. Brand – Agreements Make a unique tale that reads like an advertisement. Highlight your product or service to do this.

How to monetize Google Web Stories?

Any of the ad story categories mentioned above can be used to generate income using Google Web Stories. An open-source HTML ad story uses the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework. It aims to facilitate quicker mobile loading in order to improve user experience. There are numerous auxiliary ad networks. Some of the tools used to create Web Story Ads include Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

Utilizing third-party tools like MakeStories is advised by Google. In addition to writing and publishing, it aids in Google Web Stories’ monetization.

You can do so in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your MakeStories account
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. Advertising Set Up – which gives you the option of monetization. It can be through Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, or creating a Custom ad.

How to create a Web Story Ad

Prior to learning how to create a Web Story Ad, there are a few considerations you should make. Web Story Ads are designed for a mobile-optimized, full-page experience and utilise AMP technology.

  • AMP technology is used in Web Story Ads. This facilitates a full-page, mobile-optimized experience.
  • meet the requirements for the vertical story format. Concentrate on interesting and original content. Make your advertising design unique!
  • Make sure the AMPHTML specifications are correctly stated.
  • Make sure your advertisement includes a call to action.

It’s very easy to create your first Web Story, especially if you’ve previously created stories for social media. The simple steps to create a Web Story Ad are listed below:

  1. Find the right tool for creating web stories
  2. Outline your story
  3. Add visual elements
  4. Create the story
  5. Publish the story

MakeStories is a suggested choice for experts and beginners alike. Its straightforward features make it simple to create web stories. Find out here how to write your very first web story on MakeStories.

How to track your Story Ad performance

Your choice of ad network will affect how well your ad story performs. It is comparable to Google Analytics’ tracking of Google Ads. You can check the visual ad report on Google AdSense to see how well your ad story is doing.

The following criteria can be used to gauge how well a Web Story Ad is performing:

  1. Estimated Earnings
  2. Page Views
  3. Page RPM
  4. Impressions
  5. Impressions RPM
  6. Clicks
  7. Total earnings


Web Stories Ads are a source of revenue that brands should definitely investigate. Ad stories show up while a user is browsing through Web Stories on Google, similar to Instagram ads. Several tools for ad networks are available, including Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager. They support tracking and monetizing your ad stories. Utilizing third-party tools like MakeStories is advised by Google. They offer you a venue for all things Web Stories-related.


How to find the password of HP printer?- All Possible Ways


Printers from HP are a useful addition to any home or small business office. They can print in high quality and produce prints fairly quickly. These gadgets have intelligent functions like wireless printing. How to find the WiFi password on the HP Deskjet printer is a common question from those looking to use this feature.

Finding the WiFi password for this printer can be more difficult than it first appears, especially if you use a specific kind of device, like a Mac or Windows computer. Discover the most effective method for locating the pin and password in this article.

Locating the Pin or Password

Finding the correct pin or password required to configure the WiFi feature on the HP Deskjet printer requires following specific instructions for each type of device. Since each device is made with unique hardware and software, no two devices are exactly alike. Therefore, a user must follow the proper instructions for the proper product.

You must enter the WiFi pin or password when configuring the HP Deskjet printer. During the initial installation and setup of the printer, this password or pin is printed onto a piece of paper. You must enter this pin in order to access this feature.

Although this is true for every HP Deskjet printer setup scenario, it might not be as beneficial as it seems. Sometimes more dialogue boxes, windows, and buttons need to be opened before the WiFi printing function setup is actually finished. Continue reading to find out how to configure various device brands.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues or have recently undergone a factory reset, you will require this information. Additionally, you will require this to set up a connection for wireless printing.

Find the Pin First

The user must first locate the printer’s pin, which is crucial. The pin will be required within the first 90 seconds of WiFi setup on their home computer, when they go to set it up. The pin will stop working after the allotted 90 seconds have passed. This indicates that in order to obtain a new pin, the procedure must be repeated.

Although not ideal, this is conceivable. Once you have your pin, enter it into the computer by following these steps:

  1. Find the pin on the printed paper from the HP or on its control panel.
  2. Enter the pin provided in the window prompt and then select next.
  3. The setup process should continue to initialize. If it doesn’t, you may need to follow the steps for a device-specific installation.

Anyone who is not very tech savvy will benefit from the HP Deskjet printer’s simple setup. Despite working the majority of the time, it can occasionally stall and fail. If so, you might need to follow different instructions or start over and retry.

The Router has a Wireless Password

HP may request a wireless password in place of a pin. While some people are immediately aware of the solution, others are clueless. The HP Deskjet printer can be configured using this password, which can be located. To locate the router’s password, adhere to these steps:

  1. Look at the side or bottom of your router and find the label that the manufacturer prints onto it.
  2. Find the box on the label that is labeled Network Key, Wireless security key/password, or some other deviation of WiFi password.
  3. Note this key down. This is the key needed for set up in most instances.

You can now start installing the HP Deskjet printer on your computer or another Bluetooth-enabled device after discovering the wireless password. It is a fantastic method for completely wire-free printing throughout the house.

You might have trouble setting this up if your HP Deskjet is offline, but don’t worry—we can fix this!

Windows and the WiFi Password

Users of Windows OS have an alternative method for locating the WiFi password needed to connect the HP Deskjet printer. Although it is not as simple as looking at the router’s bottom, this alternative does function. To locate it, take these actions:

  1. Go to the Windows icon in the bottom left tray of the computer, or press the Windows button on your keyboard to pull it up.
  2. In the search bar, type in WiFi settings and click search.
  3. Find the section called related settings.
  4. Select Change adapter options.
  5. Find your wireless network and right-click it.
  6. Select status.
  7. Go to connection and select wireless properties.
  8. Select the Security tab.
  9. Find show characters and click it.
  10. Note down your wireless network password.

If you forget your network password, Windows makes it simple to find it. This is only true if the network is operational and connected to another device. You won’t be able to find the password on a device that is not online.

Mac and the WiFi Password

The method for storing and retrieving network passwords on Mac devices is different. This is due to the fact that they run an alternative operating system to Windows. If you’re unfamiliar with Macs and need to find the password, take the following actions:

  1. Go to Finder, which looks like a face.
  2. Select the Go menu.
  3. Find and select utilities.
  4. Select Keychain Access.
  5. Find System Keychains and select System.
  6. Find your WiFi name and double-click it.
  7. Click the box located next to the words to ‘show password.’
  8. Note down your password.

Once you know the password, follow the on-screen instructions to finish configuring the Deskjet printer. Once the Wi-Fi password has been entered, it should be fairly simple.

Troubleshooting WiFi Passwords

There are times when you are unable to obtain the correct WiFi password for the network, regardless of the method you use. This is annoying because it prevents the printer from printing wirelessly. That the password you think is right doesn’t actually work is a common issue. For some troubleshooting advice to stop this, continue reading:

Reset The Password

The password you thought would work is sometimes a bust because the network gets a little confused. It is time to reset the password if this is the case. You can do this by logging in with your administrator credentials to the router’s settings. After entering these details, go to the password and choose to change it. Then try connecting once more.

Tried and True

The “dummy” password that HP frequently uses for its printers and other products. Any printer or other device that requires a password to connect is preconfigured with this universal password. The HP website lists this password as 12345678. See if the connection works if you try entering this password.

Top 5 best Smart TV to buy under 15000


Top 5 smart tv to buy under 15000

Redmi 80Cm 32-inch smart Tv

Chance to win iPhone 13 Pro Max For FREE


Top 5 Best CPA & CPI Networks To Join In 2022

What are CPA and CPI Marketing?

CPA Marketing

CPA stands for cost per action. It means whenever a user completes any specific task (i.e. completing a survey, lead gen, email submits, etc.). The publisher gets paid.

CPI Marketing

CPI stands for cost per install. it means whenever a user installs an app from a publisher’s affiliate link the publisher gets paid.

Top 5 CPA & CPI networks

  1. Adludum
  2. Clickdealer
  3. CPA Build
  4. OGAds
  5. Maxbounty

What Is An Emergency Fund? Why Do We Need That?


In the year 2020, Covid 19 was the biggest disaster for humans. But at the same time, it was also a great teacher who taught us about many things. From washing hands regularly to saving money for future use & many more.

What is an emergency fund?

An emergency fund is a fund or amount of money which is kept or saved aside for the reason to be used in the future for unexpected emergency cases which may come up unexpectedly.

Why do we need an emergency fund?

An emergency fund is needed to overcome financially during an emergency or an extreme emergency. We humans cant know what is going to happen in the future, It may happen anything. As we saw during Covid 19, many people loosed their jobs, and many were stuck outside of their city. This is the case where an emergency fund plays an important role in our lives. Here are some cases where we need an emergency fund.

Medical or health emergency.

A medical or health emergency is a type of emergency that can come any time and without giving a single hint. A medical emergency is an unexpected situation that requires instant action. Some of the medical emergencies are:-

  • Accident
  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack Or Heart Diseases
  • Liver Diseases
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Flu

These are some diseases that need immediate action. If the action is not been taken in time then the patient may also die. And in this situation, if we are empty-handed then our emergency fund may come into use of it.

Job Loss

The best example of unemployment is covid 19. During Covid 19 million people suffered from job loss. We have to save funds for up to 6 months which can help us when we lose jobs unexpectedly.

Vehicle Repairs

Breaking down vehicles is still a problem for many workers. There are many places where the company doesn’t provide pickup and drop services to their employee. So many people choose to go buy bikes or cars. Sometimes our vehicles get broke and we shave to wait till the date of salary to repair our vehicles. This leads to low attendance in the office and also a salary deduction. Here if we have saved emergency funds then we would have repaired our vehicle.

Unplanned Travel

Traveling, there are many peoples who have hobbies of traveling but at the same time, there are many peoples who leave their city or village and moved to another for making money. While working in another city or village, if their family members meet with a serious incident then they have to immediately leave the workplace and ran for home town or village. In these cases, emergency money plays an important role.


The purpose of saving an emergency fund is that it gives you security. It helps you when you are out of money. Emergency funds give you the power to fight from fear of any unexpected emergencies.

Dart Program To Check Pass Or Fail.


Problem Statement

Given the final percentage a student has gotten at the end of a semester, you need to write a program that decides if the student has passed or failed the semester.
If the percentage is higher than or equal to 60, the student has passed the semester. If the percentage is lower than 60, the student has failed the semester.
However, the percentage is not the only thing that determines if a student has passed or failed. A student does not pass if their score is 5 points below the class average.
For instance, if the average class score is 70, the student must have a minimum score of 65 to pass.
If the average class score is 50, the student still needs a score of 60 to pass based on our first condition.
The average has already been declared for you.


The input will be the variable percentage that stores the final percentage the student received.
The percentage has already been declared for you.


The output should be pass if the student has a percentage higher than or equal to 60 while also being 5 within the average class score, otherwise, it would be fail.
The result should be displayed as output.


Sample Input


Sample Output



void main() {
	var percentage, classAverage, points;
  percentage = 81;
  classAverage = 70;
  points = classAverage - percentage;
  if(points <=5 && percentage >= 60)
  else {